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1. Most new construction, alterations and repairs are required by the State of Iowa to have a Building Permit.


2. Your Building Inspector will become a valuable member of the Design/Build team to review the plans for conformance with the Building Code before construction starts to help avoid costly mistakes.


3. Your Building Inspector will perform periodic inspections and advise on compliance with the Building Code while construction is in progress, sometimes discovering discrepancies that can be more easily corrected prior to completion of construction than after!


4. Compliance with the Building Permit Process will assist in the effort to achieve compliance with the Building Code, and at least a minimum level of required safety for the building occupants and neighbors.


5. Compliance with the Building Code establishes a minimum level of safety that is mandated. It establishes a base line, and allows a conscious decision to exceed the minimum requirements within financial and practical feasibility.


6. Financial institutions often require minimum compliance with applicable Building Codes in order to provide necessary financing for purchase or for construction.


7. Insurance companies often exclude coverage from situations where there is a documented Code violation.


8. Evidence of code compliance based on the documented Building Permit process can provide protection for a property owner in the event of potential lawsuits.


9. Some municipalities have ordinances that assess double the normal Building Permit fees for a project that commences without proper Building Permit.


10. Violation of the requirement to obtain a Building Permit is a criminal offense, with possible fines and imprisonment!

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