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Additional Information
For New Residents & Guests

The word Lawton, means 'from the town on the hill'. We are proud of our town on a hill, the home to over 1,000 community-minded individuals who welcome you to come for a visit or stay for a lifetime. Our town was founded on the spirit of being a good neighbor. It's the kind of town where you know you can count on those around you to enjoy life together and support each other. Welcome to our town, we're happy to meet you!

The City of Lawton is located on the western edge of Iowa in Woodbury County. We are just seven miles east of Sioux City, Iowa, with Highway 20 running along the southern edge of greater Lawton. 

Originally the name of our town was Truxton. According to clippings from the Moville Mail back in November of 1901, an area farmer, Joseph Law, claimed to have naming rights of the city granted to him by the Railroad. At the time he deeded the property over to the town, the town was renamed "Lawton". Lawton celebrated her Centennial in June of 2004. A complete history of Lawton has been compiled in the Lawton Community History book.

The 2020 census lists the population of Lawton at 943, up from 908 in 2010. We are considered a "bedroom community" with our close proximity to Sioux City. Many new homes have been built within the past decade, and several more are currently being built.   Our population increased by over 30% this p
ast decade.

The following information may be beneficial to you if you are new to Lawton or thinking about moving to Lawton.

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Contact the City Clerk's office at 315 Ash Street (712-944-5960) to arrange billing for water, sewer and garbage.  Invoices are sent on the first day of each month are are due by the 20th.  Complete billing procedures, including auto-pay are available from the City Clerk.  


Garbage is taken each Monday. Have to the curb by 7am, space cans 3 foot apart and away from vehicles, have wheels on cart towards your house, anything left outside the cart will not be taken.


Contact WiaTel at 1-800-469-0811 or 712-944-5711 for all your communication services.  Their office is located at 202 Cedar Street in Lawton. 


MidAmerican Energy provides gas and electric services for the city of Lawton.  Contact them at 1-888-427-5632.



Contact Iowa ONE CALL before you dig or begin any dirt excavation.  You may call 811.   


The post office is located at 314 Cedar Street in Lawton.  Contact them at 712-944-5500.  


If you have school age children, contact the Lawton-Bronson Community School District at 712-944-5181.  


The City of Lawton contracts with the Woodbury County Library to provide library services to our community.  The library is located in Moville, just 8 miles east of Lawton.  One of the few Bookmobiles in Iowa is associated with the Woodbury County Library.  The Bookmobile comes to Lawton once each month and stops at several locations within the city limits.  There are also many books available at City Hall.


Bethel Lutheran Church (LCMS) - 712-944-5580

Community Presbyterian Church - 712-944-5533

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